Turn on the Lights

A brighter light for entertainment?

I am a big fan of people with talent. In particular, I am fascinated by lyricism, humorists and couturiers. For this reason, my blog will mainly feature lyricists who remain in the hip hop underground for reasons related to the fact that these qualities and skills are not valued in the industry today. I will acquaint you with some of my favorite couturiers/designers and boutiques, that have been overshadowed by the more popular/expensive fashion designers or that “same-old-same-old IG boutique”. Also, you will be introduced to models who’s spot light has not been as bright as the “every other city we go-every other video” models, that social media promotes to be the hottest. Lastly, the new comedian resume’ is apparently, “how funny is your on Instagram?”. How funny are they on stage? What happened to real live, standup comedians? You will find them right here.

The purpose of this blog is not to bash anyone in the entertainment industry. It is also not to hate on mainstream artists, designers, models or comedians (although, from time to time when I can’t help myself,  I may drop a few subtle jabs). As the blog title suggests, the blog’s purpose is simply to shine a light on those in entertainment who’s light is not as bright as it should be. There are so many other talented people that deserve recognition. Since I do not have the a magic wand to make all talented people famous, all I can do is write about them, highlight their skills, and hope that people pay attention and spread the word.


Fashion Spot Light

Alright, so I’m am not  a fashionista of any kind. I do, however see what is in style for 2017. Even though this year is passing us by quickly, these styles will definitely follow us into the new year.
Let’s talk accessories
When you are looking for a nice piece of arm candy, neck bling or something elegant to wear on your finger, but you just don’t want to break the bank, I have the perfect jewelery consultant for you. Once you see the inventory, you will be surprised to know that all items are $5. Follow the link and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.
What’s new in fashion
In 2017, I have noticed that everyone is shopping in the same store. We are all dressed like twins. From jeans, to dresses, hats and even tee shirts. I don’t know about you but I like to be originally fly. Allow me to shine a bright light on a clothing line that is sure to please. Fashion for men and women, from head to toe. I personally love there leggings and Dresses. Follow the link below and tell me what you think